A great way to appoach your driving that accelerates your learning to a better place. You may be someone that has taken a lot of lessons and feel you are not getting anywhere . This could be the direction for you where you can foucs totally on the driving and give it the dedication it deserves. You will never look back when you make that decision. SIgn up for a free Intensive assesment with me and see what is possible. 

On the assesmnet i will see what your level of driving is and how well you deal with setting goals and completing them. 

At the end of the assesment i will advise you whether to go for an intensive which means completing your learning over 1-2 weeks with a test at the end or to go for a more semi intenive style over 6-8 weeks and when you are test ready i can book the test for you. 

I look forward to seeing you for your assesment and hopefully more.  

  07890 120 313 - Pete

  07904658083 - Jon