1. It’s up to the Pupil to Book their own lessons in Advance.
  2. Lessons can be booked and paid for in advance to get cheaper lesson prices with their Instructor at the end of their lesson, or text the Instructor’s booking Number’s Pete on 07890 120313 or Cookie on 07506 630470. And still get the advance discount if paid for at least 72 hours in advance.
  3. Lessons should be paid for in Cash or Bank Transfer (Details can be obtained from their Instructor, Cheque’s can be excepted but there will be a £10 Charge
  4. Pupils should be prompt for the start of their Lesson
  5. Due to traffic conditions Lessons can start up to 15mins late
  6. Please give at least 72 hours Notice for any Cancellation of Lessons by texting the cancellation number’s Pete on 07890 120313 or Cookie on 07506 630470.
  7. Lessons cancelled between 48-72 hours can be moved to a different time within the next 14 days of cancelling that lesson.
  8. Lessons cancelled with less than 48 Hours notice will have a Cancellation Charge of that pupil’s hourly rate and how long the lesson was going to be.
  9. If Pupils want a different pick up point, please give at least 24 hours notice
  10. If Pupils cut lessons short they still have to pay for the whole lesson
  11. When a refund is required there will be a £30 Admin Charge
These are the Terms and Conditions for having Driving Lessons with Pass Positive Driving School. But all the above are up to your Instructors discretion.