Cancellation Policy


  1. Pupils will be charged if lesson is cancelled within 24 hours of the start of lesson time
  2. Pupils can change their lesson to another time between 48-24 hours of the start of lesson
  3. These rules on most occasions be implemented, it will be up to the Instructors discretion

Advice to pupil to get the best out of their lessons

  1. Always be prepared to learn, e.g. if it is an early lesson the pupil should make sure they have had enough sleep, got up early enough, and eaten breakfast
  2. A lesson after work/rushing around all day/playing computer games, can affect learning. Make sure you have prepared for your driving lesson
  3. These things are important for safety and learning, if your instructor thinks your ability to learn on any given day is impaired, they have the right to shorten or stop the lesson.

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